April 30, 2019

Expands Number of Managed Sites for Fast Clinical Trial Enrollment

Frenova Renal Research, a division of Fresenius Medical Care North America (FMCNA) and the world’s only contract clinical research services provider dedicated exclusively to renal research, has added an additional location to its roster of managed clinical research sites. The new capacity will enhance Frenova’s ability to help clinical research sponsors enroll patients rapidly and streamline clinical trials.

“We look forward to managing this site and working alongside our new partner investigators. Increasing our network of investigators and pool of patients allows our clients to significantly accelerate their clinical trials designed to ultimately better the lives of those living with renal disease,” said Kurt Mussina, vice president, FMCNA, and general manager, Frenova Renal Research. “Between 2016 and 2018, we reduced the time from clinical trial agreement to first-patient-first-visit by over 80 percent among the sites we manage.”

Frenova’s common-sense approach to site management reduces administrative burdens, thereby compressing timelines. This provides investigators at sites managed by Frenova the opportunity to enroll patients sooner and with greater efficiency than they would otherwise.

“The new manager Frenova brought in is already streamlining our research activities,” said Dr. Samuel Kantor, one of the principal investigators (PI) at Nevada Kidney Disease and Hypertension Centers. “We can already see that Frenova is going to make our work a lot more efficient,” said its other PI, Dr. Jeffrey Ryu.

The Las Vegas site of the Nevada Kidney Disease and Hypertension Centers contributes 24 physicians, 2,000 ESRD patients, and 15,000 CKD patients to the program.

Learn more about overcoming barriers to enrolling renal patients in clinical trials in a Q&A with Kurt Mussina, and see how Frenova starts every study with the patient in mind in a video interview with Frenova’s patient partner, Donnie King.

About Frenova Renal Research
Frenova is the world’s only drug and medical device contract clinical development services provider dedicated exclusively to renal research and its adjacent conditions. As a Fresenius Medical Care North America company, Frenova manages a networked system of clinical research assets and resources including over 450 principal investigators at more than 260 sites representing 160 medical practices and nearly 700 dialysis clinics. Frenova manages clinical trials in kidney disease and its adjacent medical conditions. Visit www.FrenovaRenalResearch.com for more information.

About Fresenius Medical Care North America
Fresenius Medical Care North America is the premier health care company focused on providing the highest quality care to people with renal and other chronic conditions. Through its industry-leading network of dialysis facilities, outpatient cardiac and vascular labs and urgent care centers, Fresenius Medical Care North America provides coordinated health care services at pivotal care points for hundreds of thousands of chronically ill customers throughout the continent. As the world’s largest fully integrated renal company, it offers specialty pharmacy and laboratory services, and manufactures and distributes the most comprehensive line of dialysis equipment, disposable products and renal pharmaceuticals. For more information, visit the FMCNA website at https://fmcna.com/.

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