A first-of-its-kind clinical research site model brought to you by Frenova

See how Frenova dramatically accelerates the pace of innovation by eliminating traditional clinical trial bottlenecks and implementing a range of patient-focused protocols.

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Get to know F1RST Up

F1RST Up gets your renal research studies underway faster than ever before. These select clinical research sites are staffed by industry experts in chronic kidney disease (CKD) and end stage renal disease (ESRD). Each site has a track record of superior study execution and patient recruitment and retention.

Meet the faces of F1RST Up

In 2017, F1RST Up sites, on average, took 63 days from selection to activation and another 52 days to reach first patient enrolled, for a total of 115 days — nearly half the time of the comparable industry benchmark of 210 days.

Enroll faster with unparalleled patient access

Through F1RST Up’s nephrology clinical investigators and research sites, you’ll have access to nearly 180,000 CKD patients and 16,500 ESRD patients, historical data on hundreds of thousands of patients with kidney disease and one of the nation’s largest renal biometric databases.

Work with a team you can trust

Benefit from our renal research and rapid startup team, professionals selected for their expertise and proven commitment to making your study a success from start to finish.

Meet the faces of F1RST Up

See results

  • Prompt feasibility validation
  • Access to sites with large, diverse patient populations
  • A select network of renal-focused investigators and research sites
  • Processes designed to accelerate enrollment, including use of standardized forms and documents such as master clinical trial agreements
  • Simplified contact with thought leaders in vascular access and care, cardio-renal conditions, CKD, ESRD, cardiovascular disease, rare diseases, infectious diseases and transplantation

Understand how we do it

Our no-nonsense approach includes:

  • Pre-negotiated master agreements
  • Pre-collected regulatory documents
  • Compressed timelines
  • Data-informed protocol design
  • Data-driven prescreening
  • Exclusive focus on patients with CKD and ESRD and comorbid conditions

No other managed global research network has a more intimate understanding of patients affected by kidney disease and its comorbid conditions than we do.

When you’re wondering how to secure the most suitable investigators, patients and data for your next renal-related clinical trial, FRENOVA KNOWS.

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