Clinical trial investigators are essential to the development of medicines to fight kidney disease and its comorbid conditions.

Discoveries require the work of investigators

Investigators play an important role in contributing to the discovery of new medicines that could change the lives of their patients and influence health care worldwide.

Today, more physicians are acutely needed to help evaluate new products for potentially life-saving therapeutics. If more physicians get involved, we believe it will help to accelerate development and contain the cost of developing new drugs.

Patients are interested in trying new alternatives

Clinical trials offer the opportunity for patients to obtain clinical care and possibly access new medicines that they might not normally be able to afford. In addition, research indicates that many patients participate in studies to help other patients.

Clinical trials offer a new revenue stream

Clinical trials offer the opportunity for additional revenue that can help you expand your clinical practice.

Clinical research enhances your professional profile

Conducting clinical trials allows you to be at the forefront of renal research. You will have opportunities to meet other investigators and learn about best practices.

Clinical research offers a variety of benefits to physicians who choose to become investigator partners with Frenova.

We empower investigators and research teams to maximize site performance and success

Frenova Renal Research partners with our principal investigators to improve their operations and help them conduct clinical research efficiently. We help you implement best practices, ensure compliance, build the right infrastructure, define job roles and conduct training on regulations, research and financial management.

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