My Reason is a research program that invites participants from all backgrounds to help build the largest renal-focused genomic registry. This large collection of patient data will support kidney disease research and may ultimately improve patient care.

Nephrology has been underrepresented in clinical research, even as rapid progress in gene sequencing and analysis has led to advances in precision medicine and individualized care in oncology, cardiology and other medical areas. The registry was developed after researchers identified the lack of a large-scale, renal-focused registry of genomic and patient data as a major impediment to kidney disease research.

The My Reason registry, by combining health, medical and genetic sequencing data from ethnically and pathologically diverse participants, will help scientists better understand how genetic variations in patients can lead to more precise diagnoses and therapies that help improve outcomes by individualizing care.

Now we need your help recruiting participants.

Here are answers to the questions your patients may ask:

What is My Reason?

My Reason is a research program that is inviting many people to help build a diverse health database to help researchers better understand the causes and potential treatments for kidney disease and associated diseases. We welcome participants from all backgrounds. Our goal is to develop the largest collection of patient data to support research into kidney disease and potentially associated conditions. This knowledge can then be used to improve patient care.

Do I need to have kidney disease?

No, the registry is open to people with kidney disease and those with no history of kidney disease.

What would I need to do?

We need a blood or saliva sample, as well as permission to access participant medical records. Fresenius Kidney Care (FKC) patients’ remnant blood used for routine diagnostic tests from Spectra Laboratories will be used.

Will data be private?

Protecting privacy is critically important to the My Reason study team and they will use appropriate safeguards to ensure the security and privacy of participants’ DNA and personal information.

Why my patients?

Everyone has unique differences in their DNA and their medical histories. It is this uniqueness that makes each contribution so important.

How will information be used?

The information from this program will help researchers learn more about the genetics of kidney disease, which they can use to improve the diagnosis, medical treatment and care of patients with kidney disease and potentially associated health conditions.

How do I get involved?

To learn more, visit