Adding clinical research is a business strategy that, if approached knowledgably, can be of great benefit to physicians and medical groups. Clinical research offers numerous advantages:

  • A new revenue stream
  • An opportunity to be recognized for and participate in cutting-edge research
  • The ability to provide additional options for patients
  • The chance to assist in the advancement of medicine for future generations.

By doubling as investigative sites, private practices tap into an industry investing more than $15 billion annually on clinical trial management in the United States. This white paper can help principal investigators (PIs) make the most of this opportunity.

About the Author:

Greg Roppolo
Senior Manager of Site Business Development

Greg Roppolo brings more than 20 years of clinical research experience to Frenova, which includes starting research programs for investigators that did not already participate in clinical research. He has worked in all aspects of clinical research, including CRA, lead CRA, and project manager, and is now in the role of senior manager of site business development for Frenova.

In this role, Greg engages nephrology practices that may or may not currently participate in clinical research for potential partnerships within the Frenova Site Alliance. For potential partner practices, Greg illustrates how a research program can be implemented or expanded upon to provide more expansive care to patients as well as generate an additional revenue stream.

Greg holds a Project Management Professional certification from the project management Institute and earned a Bachelor of Science in environmental science as well as a Master of Science in fisheries genetics from Louisiana State University.

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