Researchers have advanced sequencing technology and bioinformatics analysis so much over the last decade that every biomedical discipline has adopted some form of genomics medicine. Renal research is no exception; however, nephrology continues to be underrepresented in genomic research. But the future of medicine is precision medicine, presenting a profound opportunity in renal research.

Frenova Renal Research® announced in early 2021 that it is creating a new genomic registry initiative entitled My Reason. This registry will contain genetic sequencing data from individuals living with chronic kidney disease (CKD) worldwide, amassing the volume of data needed for meaningful gene sequencing and analysis. By creating genomic and phenotype datasets for more than 100,000 patients, researchers can begin to unlock the complexities of CKD, develop individualized therapies and ultimately optimize patient outcomes. Read more about how My Reason represents a major change in kidney research.

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