F1RST Up® takes the world’s largest renal site network to new heights

F1RST UP sites get studies initiated faster

F1RST Up is a select network of renal-focused investigators and research sites with a proven process designed to accelerate site initiation and activation, enabling access to nearly 180,000 active CKD patients and 15,000 active ESRD patients.

The world’s largest renal site network

Beyond F1RST Up®, we offer the world’s largest renal site network, comprising over 450 principal investigators at more than 260 sites. We’ve built comprehensive evaluation strategies to assess factors that may affect your research, including detailed information on local patient subsets.

F1RST Up sites are ready to enroll

F1RST Up sites have a proven record of rapid feasibility validation and study startup, impeccable study execution and reliable patient recruitment and retention.

Access to thought leaders

Frenova provides access to thought leaders in vascular access and care, cardio-renal conditions, CKD, ESRD, cardiovascular disease, rare diseases, infectious diseases and transplantation.

F1RST Up delivers expedited studies

Our no-nonsense approach includes:

  • Prenegotiated master agreements and budgets
  • Precollected regulatory documents
  • Compressed timelines
  • Data-informed protocol design
  • Data-driven prescreening
  • Exclusive focus on patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD) and end stage renal disease (ESRD) and comorbid conditions

Frenova has a more intimate understanding of patients and caregivers affected by kidney disease and its comorbid conditions.

When you conduct a complete renal clinical program, start with the patient in mind — and trust the partner that’s completely renal.