Frenova advances clinical trials that can change lives.

As a dedicated site management organization, Frenova delivers a global network of research sites, a diverse patient population, and long-standing expertise to get your trial up and running quickly.

Site investigators work at the intersection of research and patient care. Through our relationship with Fresenius Medical Care’s global dialysis clinics and partner nephrology practices, we can uniquely reach potentially hundreds of thousands of ESKD and CKD patients worldwide for renal clinical trials and studies of adjacent conditions.

Because we have access to one of nephrology’s largest longitudinal patient databases, we can also offer data analytics and licensing services to support you during the planning and development stages of your study.

F1RST UP® offers special options for efficiency and effectiveness.

Frenova F1RST UP site investigators are thought leaders who understand how kidney disease and its comorbidities affect patients, families, and communities. Every Frenova F1RST UP site has a proven track record of superior study execution and patient recruitment and retention. By providing a single point of contact, streamlined procedures, and technology-enabled patient screening and enrollment, Frenova F1RST UP sites are up and running quickly. This high level of personal support continues throughout the life of a clinical trial. F1RST UP is currently only available in the US but planned for expansion in the near future.

Fresenius Medical Care is the world's leading provider of products and services for people living with renal disease, including more than 4,000 dialysis clinics throughout the world. Our relationship with Fresenius Medical Care allows us to enable access to potentially hundreds of thousands of ESKD and CKD patients worldwide.

We also offer data analytics and licensing services with access to an extensive database of longitudinal renal treatment information, collected over 25 years by Fresenius Medical Care. No other provider has a more intimate understanding of people affected by kidney disease and its adjacent conditions than we do.